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Welcome to Whippoorwill Woods

Take 115 acres of land, add three generations of women, a few crazy dogs (see the background of the picture), very many huge plans, and some very patient husbands, son, and boyfriend; and you'll get a general idea of the chaos around here.


Two years ago our family followed our dream to move to the woods.  As soon as we heard the whippoorwills sing in the spring, we knew we had to call our property Whippoorwill Woods. Between the fiber art, starting the nature retreat, and setting up the farm, the last few years have been a crazy adventure. Check back in with us regularly so you can stay up to date on what's going on around here - there's always guaranteed to be something new.

PS - Despite what it looks like, Ollie the Great Pyrenees is totally fine - he just had a longer than normal baby shark phase and we all learned to pick him up out of self preservation.

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