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Whippoorwill Woods Farm is a new venture that comes from a long history of growing food to feed our family.  Originally from the mountains of West Virginia, we learned how to hoe corn and weed strawberries from our grandmothers and great-grandmothers.  

Today we recognize a need for healthy, locally grown fruits and vegetables in our community and we're committed to feeding everyone we can.  We're still feeding our family - it's just a little bigger than it used to be.


Here at Whippoorwill Woods Farm we're committed to growing fruit and vegetables the best way we know how.  We care about where our food comes from, and we think you should too.  We're in the process of pursuing our organic certification so our customers know that we provide the healthiest produce possible.  If you have any questions about our growing methods, please feel free to ask.  (Although truthfully you might regret it because we've been known to wax eloquent about mulch.)  

We believe that everyone should have access to affordable, healthy food, which is why we've applied to be able to accept SNAP benefits.  We're also working on some community partnerships that will allow us to provide produce to families who need it the most.  Stay tuned for program updates.  

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