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Nature Inspired Fiber Art

Whippoorwill Woods Nature Company is home to the fiber art of mother and daughter, Kathleen Jansohn and Kristine Combs.  We're passionate about nature inspired design and using materials that are healthy for our families and our planet.  We're often at local art shows in the Chattanooga area, so be sure to follow us on Instagram if you'd like to see our art in person.

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About the Artist and Gallery

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Meet Kristine Combs

I have always gravitated to the outdoors. As a traveler from a young age, I've appreciated the glowing beauty of a sunrise from the Appalachian mountains and the grandeur of the Milky Way from a dark night on the West African plains. Nature is strikingly different all over the world, but no matter where I go its beauty always inspires and renews me.

With its biophilic focus, my work reflects the awe-inspiring nature I’ve experienced through my life.  Not just on a grand scale (although it’s hard to beat a sunset over the Cumberland Plateau), I also want to share the serenity of my neighbor’s sheep grazing in the field or the intricacy of light in a storm cloud.  All these pieces of nature bring me joy that I love to share with others. 

I work with ethically sourced natural fibers, mainly Corriedale and Merino wools.

Meet Kristine

I needle felt the wool, carefully layering textures and colors to create each piece.  The preservation and care of nature is incredibly important to me, so all dyed fibers are OEKO-TEK certified and any textiles are certified organic.  

Each type of fiber I use has a unique quality that contributes to the color and texture of my work.  Because each piece incorporates felted wool, it’s able to be touched.  I love that the soft textures invite viewers tactilely interact with the piece – in fact, many people find themselves touching it before they mean to! 

As a new artist, I’m so excited to share my enjoyment of nature with others.  It’s such an incredible thrill to recreate the wonder of mountain sunrise for others to experience.  In a social context full of constant economic stress and political conflict, I want to encourage viewers to stop and find rest, to renew their sense of wonder, and to walk away inspired and refreshed.

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Meet Kathleen Jansohn

Artist Statement Coming Soon!!

Meet Kathleen
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